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Summer Science Information Session Benefits W&J Students

By: Vaishnavi Peyyety, Red & Black Contributor

Please Note this article contains some opinions specific to the contributor.

(Photo Courtesy: W&J College.) Students work in a chemistry lab at Swanson Science Center

Nov 19 - Professor of Biology and advocate for science research internships, Dr. Candy DeBerry hosted her annual Summer Science Information Session on Nov. 17 for students to learn how to pursue their interest in a science internship. Dr. DeBerry shared information on the benefits of undergraduate research, how to find an internship opportunity, how to prepare application essays and resumes, and ways to obtain funding for an internship among other information.

While finding an internship seems like a daunting process, Dr. DeBerry does a phenomenal job of assisting students in their search and is very invested in student success. Additionally, the Center for Professional Pathways can aid in editing essays and resumes and providing advice for students interested in immersing themselves in experiential learning. W&J provides various internship-related scholarships including Linton, Magellan-Franklin, Maxwell, Mazingira, and Merck. Through a research internship, students can explore their interests in a more hands-on setting which is essential to academic and professional development.

I personally thoroughly enjoyed my research internship last summer where I worked as a clinical research assistant at UPMC Children’s Hospital. It was a very eye-opening experience as I had the chance to contribute to the medical field and learn more about the challenges behind conducting research. Many students across campus have had similar experiences and are willing to share advice on how to find and approach different research interests. We highly recommend reaching out to Dr. DeBerry for more information on the ins and outs of scientific research!
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