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WorldWide Eats – Wing Wednesday Review

Written By Auri Moore, Red & Black Local Stories Writer

Courtesy: Regan Carlson, Red & Black Photography Manager

Just picture it, it is Wednesday night and you just finished studying. You are hungry and between tuition, school supplies and meal swipes your pockets are running a little low. No worries at World Wide Eatz over at 101 N Main Street! Every Wednesday they serve $1 wings. Yes: wings for a dollar! At a minimum you can get six, that’s $6 for six wings. On any other weekday, you can get six wings with a side of fries for only $10.99.

Courtesy: Regan Carlson

World Wide Eatz opened in Washington in Apr. of 2022 and the reviews are just as good as the food. Their foods vary from frog legs, alligator po’boys, and regular burgers. Starting Oct. 3, they will have a quick-fix menu serving walking tacos, grilled cheese, and quesadillas starting at $4. To make it all better, they offer 10% off to W&J students who show their school ID.

Here is an affordable restaurant that has indoor dining, takeout, DoorDash, GrubHub and Uber eats. This allows college students like us to have easy access to good food for a reasonable price.

Go check them out: World Wide Eatz, located at 101 N. Main St. in Washington PA. It is barely a ten minute walk from campus and only three minutes maximum if you drive.

Eat for a price you are willing to pay!

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